Lavanya and Lasya Mavillapalli

Lavanya and Lasya are the daughters and disciples of the renowned classical dancers and Gurus Sangeet Natak Akademi awardees, Kalaimamani awardees Sri. Narasimhachari and Vasanthalakshmi. They have travelled the world as cultural ambassadors of India and have given more than 500 performances and have choreographed several award winning solo and group presentations. They have presented lecture demonstrations to educate and entertain over 3000 school children and youngsters across the United States and Europe. Notably they have been commended for their portrayal of popular foreign language rhymes and folk tales through the medium of Bharatanatyam. Critics and audiences worldwide have agreed that it is sheer joy to watch  the family of four dance  in unison.

Lavanya and Lasya started Rasoham in 2007 to carry on the great legacy bequeathed to them by their renowned parents. Through Rasoham they have been recognizing and rewarding excellence in classical and folk arts, while nurturing and encouraging both local talent as well as those of artisans from across the state. It is in this context of true art being a great unifier and equalizer that Rasoham presents its Unity Concert Series, an annual festival of art. Various genres and generations of artistes, belonging to various schools of dance, music and art come together for a mega production that amplifies the  message that we are all here as part of one rich heritage. The last two years has witnessed the bringing together of over 200 dance gurus, their children, students, real life dancing couples and male artists of great merit, musicians, instrumentalists, lyricists, technicians and designers.

Lavanya is a student of merit with an M.A. in English literature and has received special training in Public Relations. She worked for several leading publishers in Chennai and is a popular female voice-over artist. To add to her list of achievements, she has successfully run a Montessori school called ‘Abhyasa’ and is one of the most sought after content developers in the field of children’s education. She was specially called by Karnataka’s  Department of Education in the capacity of an educational consultant.

Lasya is a double gold medallist in Economics and has to her credit several published articles and reports on country-industry forecasts in the capacity of an economic research analyst. She received the Tata Infotech Young Achievers Award for academic excellence. Lasya strongly believes in the potential of the unexplored regions of fine arts. She has participated and worked with well-known playwrights and directors. Lasya  is a trained graphic designer and is appreciated for her off-beat artistic creations. She is a CHEK Institute Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, London. She is a yoga instructor and therapist and  runs RASOHAM HEALTH STUDIO.

Through their education resource LLP ‘The Teaching Trampoline’ the sisters create interesting content that enriches the existing school syllabi. Their biggest client is the Government of Tamilnadu Department of Education, for whom they have created a bi-lingual English Speaking programme called ‘Simply English’ which has become a part of the English curriculum of 37,000 schools across the state, helping over 70 lakh rural and urban students.



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