Anuradha Guruprasad

Anuradha came to The Narasimhacharis over a decade ago to train in advanced rhythmic nuances in Bharathanatyam. Ever since, she has become an integral part of the family and has been responsible for assisting in several aspects of performance. With eighteen years of experience in the arts field, she has assumed the role of a trainer and organiser par excellence at the Kalasamarpana Foundation, Rasoham’s classical wing. She is a language expert and has been teaching both French and German to several hundreds of aspiring language students at The Alliance François and The Goethe Institute, Chennai. She is lauded for her expertise in these languages and has been recognised as one of the youngest masters by the Goethe Institute.

Her faith in the goodness of the arts is proven by her unstinting efforts to participate actively in creating and conducting several activities held by Rasoham throughout the year. She is the senior editor of the bi-annual newsletter ‘Rasoham Radar’.

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