Feedback of RUCS2012

It was a mind blowing performance indeed.
A spectacular team work.
I wish to congratulate each and every particpant for their untiring effort they have put in.
- Mr.Malini  Bhaskaran

What a programme it was! It was wonderful programme to watch and it was very difficult to say which department was the best! The Choreograph or The lyrics or The rendition or The music or The performance of the artist, a true programme of UNITY.  The costumes and the colours of the costumes to match the subject and the mood and emotions of each region was so beautifully to thought about.  I have never seen so much precision and thought going into each of the minute detail, I am still to come to think of anything else other than the programme even after well over 12 hours since the end of the programme!

- Mr. Sekar

Just saw the production online. Spectacular – as expected, divine – as always, tasteful – what else can be expected from the Narasimhacharis? Congratulations to all of you.

- Mythili Venkateswaran

Wow! Amazing! Watched it online. Co-ordinating and making this happen must have been a tremendous effort.

- Mrs. Sesikala. I, Vishakapatnam.

Theme, lyrics, singing, choreography, imaginative lighting and performance of all artistes made the show memorable. The pupose of any and every art is to make everyone happy. Sustaining the interest of audience till the end is the proof of calibre of  the Narasimhacharis.

- Mr. Thyagarajan

I Thank Fotozone for having broadcast live the “LANDSCAPE OF EMOTIONS” programme from Narada Gana Sabha Now. As I was one of the few who could not try for an entry pass owing to my Knee pain, I was obliged with your telecast. Now about the programme. This was indeed a very very good performance by all the artists. A special mention should be of the Percussion artists who made the various emotions inside us to come out live. I enjoyed fully the programme. The vocal support and the dancing artists did a wonderful job. Lighting was also good. But at many places, they were not focused on the artists faces and we could not enjoy their expression to the full. Kudos to you and Thanks once again

- Lakshminarayanan

Namasthe Master & Akka! I don’t know what to say and how to say. Thank you very much for giving us such a great, ever memorable and prestigious oppurtunity.

- R. L. V Anand & Jaya

Thank you so much for giving my students this wonderful oppurtunity. They are really fortunate to be a part of this mammoth production.

- Anitha Guha

Thank you so much for streaming the dance drama. It was a delight to watch it from thosands of miles away. The show was amazing!!! Don’t have words to say. It literally brought tears to my eyes as I missed being part of it. Fotozoneindia did an amazing job streaming the show and it was very clear with no breaks in between. Please convey my thanks to them.

- Preetha Sayeekrishna

The program was fantastic and we enjoyed so much. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thank you so much.

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks an infinity times.

- Anonymous

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